I'm a captain without a team

Written by on May 11, 2009 at 10:01 am

Training? Check. Fundraising? Check. Spirit? Check. Availability? Oops… Caroline details how logistics has left her without a team.

This year being my fifth Challenge Walk, it is pretty clear that it is hard to get people to walk year over year. For those that have walked it, you know they don't call it a "challenge" for nuthin' — it's hard!!

I hope that I didn't just discourage that person who was thinking of doing it and now thinks it is too hard. The challenge can be not just physical, but logistical. My friend Kara walked the Challenge Walk for the first time last year. She had such an amazing experience that after the walk she recruited her sister as well as five friends. I was psyched! This was going to be the Kranny's Cruisin' Divas team for this year. Well, I just got an email letting me know that one of the girls just got engaged. The place that she has dreamed about getting married has only one weekend available this summer, and guess what weekend it is? Yup: every single one of my team members is either in the wedding or going as a guest.

My team just went from 8 to 1. Thank goodness it happened now and not in July. These things happen, but it can't deter those of us who will still be pounding the pavement. I'm just going to have to put some effort into some recruiting. Any advice? Anybody want to be a Diva? :-)

Caroline is getting ready to walk her fifth MS Challenge Walk. This is also the anniversary of when she was herself diagnosed with MS. Her walking team is Kranny's Cruisin' Divas. Caroline spoke at last year's last year's August Celebration and is a member of the walk's steering committee.

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  1. Ken Ken says:

    I'm in a similar boat, Caroline. I formed my own team last year, but neither of my teammates have expressed an interest in walking another year. I've always been mystified by the inspiring stories of folks whose friends and family volunteer without even being asked; I've never had such luck! Granted, it is a big commitment, but accepting the challenge with loved ones is always easier than going it alone.

    Anyone have any tips for how to ask nicely to recruit teammates? :-)

  2. Caroline Caroline says:

    I have a new strategy. I am going to get friends emotionally invested by inviting them to join me in training walks. Now that the nice weather is here, everybody wants to get out and exercise and lose a bit of their Winter weight. So many people have asked me to call them when I am walking because they want somebody to walk with!! I'm going to motivate people and then I'll slip in my sales pitch about how inspiring the walk is!!

  3. Rhonda says:

    Did you ever get a team just looking thur old posts and was wondering

    • Ken Ken says:

      No team here…

    • Caroline Caroline says:

      Hi Rhonda, Kranny's Cruisin' Divas consists of one walking Diva (me) and a walking Divo (my friend James) this year. What I do have, however, is at least 6 friends and family members that are volunteering so I will still have tons of support!! I can't believe that that walk is this Friday … YIKES!!