Save the pampering for after the walk

Written by on June 22, 2009 at 11:28 am

Toughening up for the MS Challenge Walk means saving the pampering for after the event.

I just got my last pedicure before the walk!! I know that it is so nice to wear summer sandals and have nice soft heels to show the world, but you are a walker, and you need to toughen up those feet. You only have three months left to grow those hooves!

It's a little bit sad, but believe me, you will be thanking me when you are not walking 50 miles on baby-soft skin. Just think: it will be the perfect treat a couple of days after the walk to pamper yourself with a relaxing soak and a gorgeous pedicure. You can still wear your summer shoes right through September.

But remember: no more pedicures does not mean you can't get manicures and facials!

Caroline is getting ready to walk her fifth MS Challenge Walk. This is also the anniversary of when she was herself diagnosed with MS. Her walking team is Kranny's Cruisin' Divas. Caroline spoke at last year's last year's August Celebration and is a member of the walk's steering committee.

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