Three (more) days!

Written by on September 8, 2009 at 4:38 pm

Food and music will keep me going. What lyrics will you have in your head, and snacks in your hand?

I just realized that in three more days, we will be walking for three whole days. Coincidentally, my new favorite song is from Ray Lamontagne and guess what the title is? You got it — "Three More Days"! The song's lyrics are great. I was thinking, as we are crossing the starting line, that this song would be great to hear, either blasting over the loudspeakers or as my own personal soundtrack.

Another thing that keeps me moving is food, so I'm planning on bringing a couple of my own snacks. The rest stops provide awesome food, but the selection doesn't always vary among the different stops. It's all donated, so I'm not complaining, but something tailored to my tastes is nice to have, too. I like to put a mix of wasabi peas and almonds in a Ziploc bag to keep in my walking pack.  Over the next couple of days, think about what favorite snacks you'd like to have during the walk or at night!

Three more days! I'll be wearing the Kranny's Cruisin' Diva visor… please make sure that you say hello!

Caroline is getting ready to walk her fifth MS Challenge Walk. This is also the anniversary of when she was herself diagnosed with MS. Her walking team is Kranny's Cruisin' Divas. Caroline spoke at last year's last year's August Celebration and is a member of the walk's steering committee.

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