Get moving!

Written by on May 21, 2010 at 10:14 am

After walking for many years, Brooke found that the novelty began to wore off. But she keeps moving and keeps fundraising. Here's why.

I did it! I composed, signed, and mailed my first batch of letters; dusted off the old sneakers; squeezed into my workout clothes; and hit the trail. I have officially begun my Challenge Walk training.

During my first couple years as a new walker, I found that people were excited and eager to support me. Their response kept me excited and motivated. But as the years went on, I'm ashamed to say, the novelty began to wear off. The economy went downhill, people couldn't give as much, and I felt bad asking. It was very hard to get myself motivated to train and fundraise.


It's time to get moving!

But here's the thing: MS has not gone anywhere. Every day, people are faced with this terrifying diagnosis, while still more continue to suffer from it. That sobering thought is enough to get my butt off the couch and get me moving! What we are doing is important, and we sometimes need a reminder that we're making a difference.

Consider this your wake-up call! The same people who supported us our first year are still out there. I'm reminded every year that our sponsors look forward to our letters and events. They love being able to contribute to the cause and it's up to us to provide them the opportunity to give.

So send your letters! Plan your event! Put on those sneakers and get moving! We have a job to do. We made a commitment to help raise funds and awareness, and it's time to act.

Now I'm off to hit the trail. I hope you are, too!

Brooke is a member of the Blister Buddies and walks with her mom, Patty Thorpe. Brooke lives in southern New Hampshire with her husband and three daughters and is looking forward to her sixth Challenge Walk in 2010.

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