Let's make it happen!

Written by on April 20, 2011 at 3:05 pm

Mike Sullivan, the NMSS Greater New England Chapter's newest staff member, invites walkers to share in his enthusiasm for the tenth annual MS Challenge Walk!

I am so excited to work with the many friends I have made over the years as well as begin to build new relationships with those that are embarking on this incredible journey for the first time! As we embark on our tenth year of the MS Challenge Walk Cape Cod, we will come together to celebrate how much of an impact we have had on those we have touched over time.

We have lots of work to do before we get to that finish line in September, and I am looking forward to working with everyone to make this year the most successful event ever.

For the time being, I urge everyone to get involved, stay motivated, and keep your focus! If you're not doing it already, start training for this undertaking — you can start by doing something as simple as walking about 30 minutes a day. Stay on top of your fundraising: engage your family, friends, and co-workers. And most important — get excited!

Please don't hesitate to reach out and contact me at any time regarding your questions or concerns. I'm looking forward to working with you all in the coming months to make this year's Challenge Walk an unparalleled success!

Lori is the Executive Vice President of Resource Development for the Greater New England Chapter of the National MS Society. She has been with the Society for over 10 years. MS Challenge Walk holds a special place in her heart, and every year, it inspires her to continue her work on behalf of the 19,000 people with MS and their families the chapter supports.

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