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  1. Barbara Carter says:

    I am pround and FORTUNATE to say this was my 10th year and it's just as overwhelming as year 1!! I've been lucky enough to have walked it every September (yes, I've made it each year!) and I'm already set for 2012!! With my MS and all the "surprises" that it brings, my husband Mike, my sister Pam, my sons Matt, Pat, Paul, and this event keeps me motivated! This is the CORE of my support. (I have many, many friends and family that are 110% with me every day, no questions on that!)

    It just amazes me year after year of the power of this event. It CAN NOT be explained, it HAS to be experienced. Beth Sansouncy, Rhonda Lake and myself, went to Hyannis a day early to walk 20 miles extra to hit personnal goals of 70 miles to make it a true 500 mile marker on this special 10th year. I am so proud to have had the PRIVLEDGE to walk in the rain that Wednesday with those 2 friends. Mike had to pick us up at one point due to the thunderstorms that afternoon! We did go back out later in the day. Like I mentioned above, this is the support you get from here. What other crazy lunatics would have done this with me???

    I just can't say "Thank you" enough to EVERYONE to even begin to reach the level of my gratitude, both myself and all us "MSer's" and each of our families. I think Craig Thorpe reminded all of us that it's just as hard to watch a loved one go through all the issues as it is for us to deal with.

    I wish everyone a fantastic and uneventful time until we meet again.
    How about September 2012?
    Spanky's, Thursday night, 9ish?

    Barbara Carter
    "Mama's and Papa's"
    (I love you Mike xoxoxo)