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Written by on September 28, 2011 at 10:33 am

Read an archive of live tweets issued on Twitter by Jennifer Rebecca Yates during the MS Challenge Walk Cape Cod 2011.

Most Challenge Walkers are familiar with our Facebook page as a place to interact with other walkers and crew members. But growing in popularity for real-time communication is Twitter, through which walkers can issue short updates from their computers or cell phones. It's like the "status update" feature of Facebook as a standalone service.

Twitter has proven useful on each of the last two MS Challenge Walkers to share and document our experiences and observations while on the fifty-mile trail. Last year, first-year walker Emily Kahm tweeted live from the trail for a total of twenty brief messages across the three days and thirty kilometers. This year, ten-year veteran Jennifer Rebecca Yates issued 42 tweets from the @mschallengewalk account, producing a living diary that friends, family, walkers, and crew could read and interact with. Those tweets are now archived below, in chronological order.

We'll be even better prepared to accommodate walkers who wish to use Twitter in 2012. Are you already on the service, or do you plan to join? Let us know your screenname, and we'll add you to our list of walkers. You can also "follow" this list on Twitter to instantly subscribe to all our walkers with just a single click!

  • So many familiar faces at the Cape Codder! Yay for walk weekend! Thu Sep 08 18:50:27
  • Up bright and early to get ready to walk! See you on Hyannis Green for opening ceremonies @8! Fri Sep 09 05:54:53
  • On the bus from Kalmus Beach! Thanks to the crew for taking all the luggage! We have the best crew! Fri Sep 09 06:55:54
  • Hyannis Green is buzzing already! Less than an hour until kickoff! Fri Sep 09 07:05:27
  • Go Team Walk With Wheels!!@rossiwheels Fri Sep 09 07:19:15
  • The General's here!! Fri Sep 09 07:20:22
  • First @jackright sighting!! Fri Sep 09 07:45:17
  • And we're off!!! Fri Sep 09 08:33:51
  • 1st rest stop…all 10s!!! Fri Sep 09 09:07:57
  • Our crew's so good, they'll look for a lost bear in a porta-potty! Fri Sep 09 09:54:07
  • Aloha rest stop 4!!! Fri Sep 09 10:56:07
  • PB&J for lunch! Fluffernutter too if you're so inclined! Fri Sep 09 12:05:22
  • @jackright just skipped by. Literally. Or maybe it was dancing?!?! Fri Sep 09 12:23:41
  • Day 1 is in the books! Off to showers and massages!! Fri Sep 09 15:11:08
  • Fantastic massage by George from the Salter school!! Fri Sep 09 16:34:03
  • It's a beautiful day on the lawn outside the circus tent! Fri Sep 09 17:43:11
  • Slideshow has started in the tent! Love seeing all the pix from the day! Fri Sep 09 19:01:22
  • What fun to celebrate all the first year walkers and all the ones up to 10 years!! Sat Sep 10 00:04:56
  • The 5:30 wakeup call was sounded! Only 3 or 4 folks in this cabin heard it, it seems. Sleepy folks!! Sat Sep 10 05:38:00
  • On the road again! Sat Sep 10 07:23:37
  • The ants are marching in…to Steve's hat this morning. Much to Tee's horror! Sat Sep 10 10:50:45
  • Trapeze artists on the lawn outside the tent!!! Sat Sep 10 15:55:08
  • We have our own Challenge Walk cirque de soleil!! Sat Sep 10 17:03:20
  • The clown is now on the trapeze. This can't end well! Sat Sep 10 17:35:31
  • Finale of the trapeze gals was pretty amazing! Sat Sep 10 18:04:37
  • Another FANTASTIC slide show! Love our photographers!! Sat Sep 10 19:17:31
  • Amazing. Sun Sep 11 00:19:58
  • Fire on the beach time!! Sun Sep 11 00:48:33
  • The 5:30 wake-up call seems so much earlier on Day 3!! Sun Sep 11 05:37:31
  • On the road again for Day 3. Also remembering 9/11. Sun Sep 11 07:38:07
  • Carolyn is AMAZING!!! Sun Sep 11 10:09:02
  • Just passing Perseverance Path! Perfect street name for MSCallengeWalk! Sun Sep 11 10:11:10
  • At the school for the barbecue! Can't wait for the year we just get to have the party! Sun Sep 11 10:51:42
  • Yay for Carolyn!! Sun Sep 11 11:42:08
  • Love seeing all the smiles on the faces of the finishing walkers! Sun Sep 11 11:43:01
  • My favorite part…bike and motorcycle crews coming back! Sun Sep 11 12:15:44
  • Just had a picture with the rest of the 10-year walkers an crew! Great group!!! Sun Sep 11 12:49:03
  • At the transportation center lining up for closing ceremonies! Sun Sep 11 13:29:52
  • The town green is packed. Amazing to see everyone together! 1000 people at least! Sun Sep 11 13:55:02
  • Sad to be on the bus back to my car. Love this weekend! Love these people! Sun Sep 11 14:10:48
  • RT @rossiwheels: Those 43 MILES can kiss my butt!! -Love Carolyn @mschallengewalk Sun Sep 11 17:25:36
  • Finally home after a long journey. Happy to hand this back to Ken Gagne! Loved tweeting the walk! Mon Sep 12 03:40:31

Ken joined the MS Challenge Walk in 2005, more than a decade after his mother was diagnosed. After walking for three years and 150 miles, he switched to the support crew and now rides his bicycle along the trail, providing whatever encouragement (and snacks!) he can to the 600 walkers. He is also an alumnus of the event's steering committee and is this site's webmaster.

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