Aerial artistry at the Big Top Tent

Written by on October 30, 2011 at 9:54 am

The tenth annual MS Challenge Walk for multiple sclerosis on Cape Cod featured a circus-themed performance by Airly Acrobatics aerial dancers.

Last month's tenth annual MS Challenge Walk was a celebratory affair, marking not only a decade of progress toward a cure for MS, but also the thousands of people who have brought us so far. Coordinating so many walkers, crew, and volunteers across ten years of events can make for quite the circus!

To keep that theme, the steering committee enlisted the help of Airly Acrobatics, a team of professional aerial acrobatics and trapeze artists. Erin Sullivan and Molly Baechtold performed outside the Big Top tent for walkers who had returned to camp after the first day's twenty miles, while their partner in clown — er, crime goofed off.

Our thanks to the artistry and antics of these performers who lent their time and talent to the National MS Society and the MS Challenge Walk. Be sure to visit them on Facebook, and check out their photos from Cape Cod below!

Ken joined the MS Challenge Walk in 2005, more than a decade after his mother was diagnosed. After walking for three years and 150 miles, he switched to the support crew and now rides his bicycle along the trail, providing whatever encouragement (and snacks!) he can to the 600 walkers. He is also an alumnus of the event's steering committee and is this site's webmaster.

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  1. O.P. says:

    Hey you guys! Molly and Erin, you guys are insanely amazing at this stuff. I wish that I could do as good as that—I love the pics. I check out your website daily for new updates. BTW, Molly, you look really pretty in the pics (well, you always are!) And you too, Erin. I'll see you guys at TSNY in a couple of days!