2011 Challenge Walk wrap-up

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Thank you to everyone who submitted the MS Challenge Walk 2011 survey. Your feedback and suggestions will help us to improve this fundraising event.

Thank you to the 114 MS Challenge Walkers that responded to our post event survey for 2011. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and we thank those who had suggestions for improving the event as well. We'd like to share some of those survey results with you.

108 respondents thought our online information was excellent or good. (That includes this blog, so thanks!)

104 respondents thought our route was excellent or good, and 109 respondents thought our reststops were excellent or good. (Way to go to our fabulous crew for making our reststops so welcoming!)

As you may have noticed, MS Challenge Walk participants are a family that often have a personal connection to MS, as confirmed when we asked this question:

What was your primary reason in participating in the MS Challenge Walk?

The steering committee has heard what the most challenging aspect of your participation is and is working on ways to help participants increase their fundraising.

What was the hardest part about preparing for the MS Challenge?

Other questions included:

How may we assist walkers with their fundraising in the future?

"Encourage out of the box ideas. Game night, Bottle & Can Drives, Jack & Jill style parties, golf tournament, raffles, etc… Make it fun."

"I think you are doing a great job. I just don't really think I was prepared for how difficult it would be to raise $1500. Letting walkers know it is imperative to start early would be good."

"I like that you had bonus weeks and things for people to earn if they got sponsors that week, to certain levels, etc."

"Remind walkers to ask everyone and add more people every year to their list."

What did you like or dislike about our online services?

"I did not make use of the blog until it got closer to the walk, but the info was great and I felt I was a little more prepared for the experience because of the suggestions"

"I liked using Facebook because I ended up getting donations from friends that I don't see that much and it help me to remind my family/friends to donate if they wish."

"I love love love fundraising on Facebook and found the challenge blog to be inspirational"

What was your most memorable experience during the MS Challenge Walk?

"All the rest stops were great. I loved all the crew members and the support they give to the walkers."

"The speakers are always amazing and the people you meet are just wonderful."

"Fall was always a difficult season for me but now I look forward to it because of the walk."

"Although the actual walking was difficult, I felt so inspired by all of the people who dedicate their time to this walk. I felt so encouraged by all of the rest stops and support, and it made it so worthwhile. Each day I felt so loved and appreciated!"

"As always, the Saturday evening ceremony always makes me sad, but proud of the accomplishment that I have just finished."

"Being encouraged by 'Sarge'."

"Watching a woman push herself in her chair the entire distance"

"Completing the walk on the final day and parading into the park."


"Hearing the cheering at the finish line on Friday and Saturday. They are the best and make me cry (good tears) every time."

"The crew! I've been doing this a long time and seeing those familiar faces, particularly at the end of a day's walk, is priceless. Their energy and love can be felt. It is very appreciated."

"I enjoyed all of the amazing and selfless people that we met. I loved being with my friends and laughing at out ridiculousness! But I loved the finish line!"

"There are too many things to list. This was my first year walking and it was a great experience. Hat's off to ALL of the volunteers. I personally couldn't have finished the walk without them."

"I have so many memories. After 10 years, my memories focus on the time I spend with good friends from the walk. Love it!"

"Making a new friend. We introduced ourselves at Opening Ceremonies and walked together and talked non-stop for 50 miles. Priceless!"

"Watching the young fellow who pushed two wheel chairs at a time, while carrying tools. Fixing one of the chairs, and continuing to push them."

"When my sister, who has MS, finished the walk to the pre-finish line before me and then walked back to meet me so we could finish 'together'"

"Your support of the walkers is great! I leave with a sense of happiness each time and that it mattered that I walked."

If you didn't fill out the survey, it's never to late to be heard! Please send us your feedback and suggestions to let us know what we're doing right and how we can improve.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2011 MS Challenge Walk a success. Our staff and volunteers are working on plans for 2012 to help make the event even better. We can't wait to see you September 7–9 — sign up today!

Danielle was a Development Manager for the Greater New England Chapter of the National MS Society, managing MS Challenge Walk 2011 and 2012. Prior to joining the staff of the National MS Society, Danielle served as a crew team captain during the 2009 and 2010 MS Challenge Walks.

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  1. Donn Hockman says:

    enjoyed your blog immensely; would like to arrange a meet, next week if possible to discuss some logistics for upcoming events our team has planned.
    Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons are best for me.