Talking with Deb Flanagan

Written by on August 20, 2012 at 9:00 am

Ken Gagne interviews Deb Flanagan of Jerry's Jems about family life with multiple sclerosis, the Cape Cod Rail Trail, and camaraderie among MS walkers.

Jerry & Deb FlanaganWelcome to MS Challenge Talk, a weekly audio recording that introduces you to the people and stories behind MS Challenge Walk.

This week, host Ken Gagne speaks with Debra Flanagan of Jerry's Jems. Deb walks every year in honor of her father, who has lived with MS since before Deb can remember. In this interview, she talks about what is "normal" for a family with MS, what she gets from her NMSS family and on Facebook that she can't find anywhere else, and why Jerry's Jems doesn't feel competitive with other teams — because we're all on the same team: "The ultimate goal is getting rid of MS. Getting a cure. Getting it gone — donezo — complete — put with the dinosaurs — seeya later."

Also this week, hear from Brenda Barbour, the NMSS Greater New England Chapter's Associate Vice President of Volunteer Development, in an excerpt from last week's crew meeting as she prepares her volunteers for an amazing event.

Welcome to MS Challenge Talk, a weekly audio recording that shares the stories and experiences of veterans of those who have walked three days and 50 miles to bring the world closer to a cure for multiple sclerosis, courtesy the National MS Society's MS Challenge Walk. You can subscribe to the show for free in Apple iTunes!

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