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Written by on September 10, 2012 at 9:24 am

Read an archive of live tweets issued on Twitter by Jennifer Rebecca Yates during the MS Challenge Walk Cape Cod 2012.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's MS Challenge Walk! Over 550 walkers and 200 crew collaborated to bring us three days, fifty miles, and $1 million toward a world free from multiple sclerosis. What a team!!

We couldn't have done it without the larger support network of friends, families, and co-workers who cheered us on physically, emotionally, and financially. We gave advocates a blow-by-blow report from the route courtesy the microblogging site Twitter. Jennifer Rebecca Yates assumed control of the account, issuing 58 "tweets" over the course of the weekend (40% more than last year!). For the first time ever, these tweets included photos from the trail and were also streamed to our Facebook page, opening the event to an even wider audience.

We'll now resume our usual Twitter schedule, but for posterity (or for those of you who missed it), here are Jen's tweets, presented in chronological order. Watch this blog in the weeks to come as we publish more media, including audio, video, and photos!

  • Everyone packed and ready to head for the Cape? See you tonight at the Cape Codder for the kick-off party! #MSCW Thu Sep 06 08:22:00
  • @Ldaly91308 @JodiBean328 See you soon! Thu Sep 06 11:19:26
  • Bags packed. Class taught. Headed to the airport. Challenge Walk, here I come! Thu Sep 06 12:07:54
  • Through security, at the gate. Quick layover in Cleveland and then on to Providence! Rental car for the final leg to Hyannis! Thu Sep 06 12:56:11
  • Quick layover has become long layover. 1.75 hours delayed. Plus side: lunch! Down side: late for dinner in Hyannis. Thu Sep 06 14:10:24
  • They changed us back to the original departure time! Must be good #MSCW karma!! Thu Sep 06 14:52:44
  • BTW, this is @JenRabYat tweeting live all weekend. Use hashtag #MSCW to be included in our stream! Thu Sep 06 15:58:03
  • Hello New England! Finally landed at PVD after a long sit on the Tarmac in Cleveland! So excited to see everyone soon at the Cape Codder! Thu Sep 06 17:36:44
  • Finally here at the Cape Codder!! Thu Sep 06 19:29:53
  • A little dark in the picture but a lovely outdoor party for the #MSCW welcome!! Thu Sep 06 19:39:34
  • Everybody get a good night's sleep! See you on Hyannis Green bright and early! Thu Sep 06 22:30:45
  • Everybody up and ready to walk?! Good morning #MSCW walkers and crew! Can't wait to see you on the green! I'll be the 1 with the Ohio flag! Fri Sep 07 05:44:06
  • On the bus from Kalmus Beach! Everyone on their way?? Fri Sep 07 06:50:48
  • Things are starting up at the Hyannis Green! Looking forward to seeing everyone down here!! Fri Sep 07 07:00:57
  • The Wonder Women of the Hot Pack are here again from New York! Fri Sep 07 07:08:28
  • MS is BS! Fri Sep 07 07:23:32
  • So great to see so many friends! And welcome new walkers!!! Fri Sep 07 07:39:06
  • Arlen White welcoming everyone! Almost time to start walking!! Fri Sep 07 08:05:39
  • Here we go!! Fri Sep 07 08:26:24
  • Love this crew!!! Fri Sep 07 09:03:09
  • Peanut butter and jelly at rest stop #2!! Fri Sep 07 09:43:28
  • Lila and Barb at the water! Fri Sep 07 10:05:51
  • Had lunch with @kgagne! I did only eat chips and cookies though. And one of Tim's sisters homemade caramels! Grab 1 if you see him!! Fri Sep 07 11:58:00
  • Less than 2 miles to go for Day 1. Hope everyone is still feeling great! Looking forward to a massage!!! #MSCW Fri Sep 07 14:29:47
  • Made it to the Sea Camps! 20 miles in the books!! Keep stepping folks…the end is near!! Fri Sep 07 15:01:13
  • Beautiful afternoon on the Cape Cod Sea Camps lawn!! Fri Sep 07 15:42:07
  • Don't worry, folks. I have it on good authority that spaghetti and meatballs will be back for dinner tomorrow! Fri Sep 07 18:34:16
  • @JodiBean328 perfect way to end day 1! Fri Sep 07 18:34:41
  • @rossiwheels Nice work!! Fri Sep 07 18:37:26
  • About to go onstage with Jack!! Fri Sep 07 19:32:05
  • Mama Hen!! Fri Sep 07 19:46:44
  • @JodiBean328 Thanks!!! Fri Sep 07 20:06:33
  • Love the playlist by Scott Linberg!! Awesome! Fri Sep 07 20:09:51
  • Hanging with the Blister Buddies! Love the nice warm evening on the deck! Fri Sep 07 21:28:06
  • Hope everyone enjoyed the traditional #MSCW wake-up call!! Sat Sep 08 06:06:23
  • On the road again!! Sat Sep 08 07:12:52
  • What a view from the rest stop!!! Sat Sep 08 09:26:21
  • RT @ScottJennings11: @mschallengewalk team Stop MSing with us is 6.5 miles in. Only 13.5 left to go!! Sat Sep 08 09:26:21
  • @ScottJennings11 nice job!!! Sat Sep 08 09:26:41
  • What a beautiful day for a walk! Stay tuned for pix of the surf at Coast Guard Beach!! Sat Sep 08 10:40:04
  • Sat Sep 08 10:44:32
  • Waves courtesy of Hurricane Leslie! Amazing day! Sat Sep 08 10:48:38
  • PB&J on white bread for lunch! Fluffernutters also available! And grown-up food, too of course! Delicious!! Sat Sep 08 11:30:26
  • How cute are these gals?? LOVE the orange tutus!!! Sat Sep 08 12:04:14
  • Day 2 walk is done. Hoping these clouds don't open up until after about 11 tonight! Sat Sep 08 15:34:40
  • Best massage ever!! Visit the Salter School folks!! Amazing! Sat Sep 08 16:23:33
  • Yay for Andrew, Zach, and Steve and the rest of the pix crew!! Amazing pix!!!! Sat Sep 08 19:19:47
  • Everyone seems to be moving a little slower this morning! Everyone tuckered out from the first 40 miles? Only 10 today! Sun Sep 09 05:57:03
  • Filling up the camelback and heading out for 10 miles!! Sun Sep 09 07:51:03
  • Favorite street sign! Sun Sep 09 08:17:22
  • What's better than a Dunkin Donuts rest stop??? Sun Sep 09 09:28:21
  • @rossiwheels WALKING her chair up the big hill!! Cameraman Zach keeping the chair from tipping and honking the horn! Sun Sep 09 09:59:40
  • Rhode Trippers looking fabulous!! Sun Sep 09 10:10:57
  • What do you think of these walking shoes? Sun Sep 09 10:21:08
  • Done!!! Sun Sep 09 11:37:25
  • Loading up the buses to head back to Hyannis for the closing ceremony!! Sun Sep 09 12:32:44
  • All lined up behind the Massachusetts Maritime Academy band! Heading to the Hyannis Green! Sun Sep 09 13:23:24
  • Bye everybody! Thanks for another great year! Safe travels, all!! Sun Sep 09 14:07:27
  • 1 last tweet b4 I give it back to @kgagne. I'll bet some of you can appreciate this after this weekend! Thanks all!! Mon Sep 10 07:57:00

Ken joined the MS Challenge Walk in 2005, more than a decade after his mother was diagnosed. After walking for three years and 150 miles, he switched to the support crew and now rides his bicycle along the trail, providing whatever encouragement (and snacks!) he can to the 600 walkers. He is also an alumnus of the event's steering committee and is this site's webmaster.

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