Jumpstart Your Fundraising with Michael Derick, Ken Gagne, Donn Hockman

Written by on January 28, 2013 at 9:00 am

The MS Challenge Talk podcast interviews Michael Derick, Ken Gagne, and Donn Hockman for fundraising ideas from the Jumpstart Your Fundraising brainstorm.

Didn't attend the Jumpstart Your Fundraising meeting on January 26? Not a problem! We recorded the best advice, inspiration, and success stories for how you can fundraise toward a cure for multiple sclerosis.

In this audio recording, you'll hear from Michael Derick about why he does the walk and how to recruit for your team; Ken Gagne on how to expand your fundraising network; and Donn Hockman on how to host sustainable fundraising events.

Stay tuned next week for more excerpts from this MS Challenge Walk brainstorming session!

Welcome to MS Challenge Talk, a weekly audio recording that shares the stories and experiences of veterans of those who have walked three days and 50 miles to bring the world closer to a cure for multiple sclerosis, courtesy the National MS Society's MS Challenge Walk. You can subscribe to the show for free in Apple iTunes!

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