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Written by on May 23, 2014 at 12:42 pm

Mike Kizner finds inspiration for the MS Challenge Walk in his brother-in-law, John Scannell.

All of us who volunteer or raise money for the National MS Society do so because we usually have a connection with a family member or friend who has MS. My connection is my brother-in-law John.

John Scannell

Mike Kizner (left) finds inspiration in his brother-in-law, John Scannell.

John was nearing fifty years of age when he first noticed changes with his vision and other telltale signs that he knew were out of the ordinary. Thirteen years ago, John was diagnosed with MS, which over the years has developed into secondary-progressive. When flairs do occur, the recovery is usually not complete, so permanent disabilities accumulate. Through the years, John has become more dependent on leg braces, walkers and occasionally wheelchairs. He does not look for sympathy or complain about these daily challenges but instead lives each day with his head held high.

Although John won't be able to run the 100-yard dash, that has not stopped him from keeping his spirits high with the hope that soon we will find a cure that ends MS forever.

Mike has been involved with MS Challenge Walk since 2004. His connection to MS is with his brother-in-law, who was diagnosed in 2000. Mike has been a crew member and Team Lead with the Activity Tent and supports the Falmouth (ME) office, where he coordinates their yearly Plane Pull event. In 2013, Mike will be helping the Lunch Bunch Crew under the watchful eyes of his wife Sharon, who is Crew Leader.

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